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2021 Black Friday / Cyber Monday Electric Bikes that are on sale, ranked by highest reviews and best prices

The best Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2021 electric bicycles available on the entire internet!

The first bike that I want to showcase is the Ecotric 26″ Fat Tire Snow and Beach bike.

The reason that this bike is first is not price or reviews by the general public, but because this is a bike that I personally own. I have put nearly 1,000 miles on this bike with zero issues. This bike is overall very sturdy, well made, and a great time to ride. This bike boasts a 500 watt motor with a  36 volt battery. I am not a small person and this bike has only failed to carry me where I want to go when I have failed to charge it. This bike has 5 modes of pedal assist, 1 being the least assist to 5 being the most assistive. I have ridden this bike in all climate conditions, including snow, rain, and gorgeous Mississippi River Valley mornings. The only thing that I would change about this bike is adding a few more gears. But, the top speed is around 20 mph, legally, so you can go fast, but I just would like to push a little harder…the real solution on this bike is to simply turn down the pedal assist. 

For Black Friday 2021, Amazon has this bike for $799. This is about $150 off the regular Amazon price and $200 off the Ecotric website. 

Here are some of the other top contenders for our picks for the best balance between usability and a good price!